Eating Out


This qualification is aimed at young people who may have little or no experience of dining at a table or indeed in a restaurant, and to deliver life skills whether they may or may not choose a career in hospitality.

The programme was written as a direct result of a question posed by a young person participating on another training course, who when having lunch, asked what a napkin was and why we needed one.

Eating out is experiential learning and is delivered in three parts:

  • Classroom-based learning
  • A restaurant experience with the group and the trainer having lunch together
  • A debrief of the restaurant experience

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Guided Learning Hours

A minimum of 4 guided learning hours are required for this course.

Form of Assessment

There is no formal examination for this course but candidate participation during the course is essential for certification. On successful completion of this course, you will receive an Eating Out certificate.


  • To demonstrate appropriate face to face communication skills
  • To realise the benefits of listening
  • To recognise the importance of good attitude


  • Welcome and introductions
  • Types of food outlet and service experience
  • What to do during service
  • How to behave considerately when eating out – ten steps
  • What to do after service