Craft Beer Revolution


The syllabus aims to enable candidates to understand beer-related consumer trends and become familiar with different types of craft beer.  Candidates will learn about:

  • The beer-related consumer trends impacting the working environment
  • The definition of craft beer
  • Seven craft beer styles, including tasting notes, history and production methods
  • Further variations within the craft beer category, including live beer, flavoured beer, mash-ups, collaborations, gluten-free and vegan beer


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Form of Assessment

A short test concludes the learning. A passmark of 80% is required to successfully pass the course.


  • Welcome to the Craft Beer Revolution
  • Why Now?
  • Craft Beer…..A Definition
  • The History of Craft Beer
  • 7 Craft Beer Styles
  • Further Variations
  • Let’s Make Some Craft Beer