Cellar Management for Managers


The syllabus aims to enable candidates to become familiar with the knowledge and skills required to manage a cellar and the beer systems to ensure the perfect pint.  Candidates will learn about:

  • Beer dispense systems and how to maintain them
  • Best practice when receiving deliveries
  • How to store and maintain stock such as kegs, casks, wine and packaged drinks
  • The value of good stock control and how to implement stock control systems
  • How to effectively manage their team to carry out cellar-related duties
  • How to maintain a safe and hygienic cellar
  • How food hygiene relates to cellar management
  • All the checks which need to be carried out to serve the perfect pint


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Form of Assessment

A short test concludes the learning. A passmark of 80% is required to successfully pass the course.


  • Managing a Cellar
  • Cellar Safety and Hygiene
  • Perfectly Served