Health and Safety in a Care Setting


Care home differ from other workplaces because they are not only places of work; they are also homes for their residents. They should be places where the dignity and freedom of the residents is respected, and where everyone’s health and safety is managed effectively. To achieve this, everyone involved must understand their responsibilities.

This course discusses the legislation that applies to care homes , the responsibilities of management and employees and looks at developing systems of work. It also covers what to do in some common hazards you might encounter as well as some Emergency situations. It concludes by discussing some aspects of the work environment and staff welfare.

This course is aimed at anyone working in the care sector and should act as an introduction to health and safety in their place of work.

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Guided Learning Hours

Approximately 80 minutes are required for this course.

Form of Assessment

A short test concludes each module. A passmark of 70% for each module is required to successfully pass the course.


  • Introductions
  • Responsibilities
  • Systems
  • Accidents and Illness Part 1
  • Accidents and Illness Part 2
  • Moving and Handling
  • General Hazards: Fire, Gas and Electricity
  • Aggression, Violence, Security and Stress
  • Work Environment and Welfare