Highfield Challenge – Responsible Sales in Hospitality and Retail


This course is ideal for all employees, particularly new start inductions or employee refresher where an understanding of age-restricted products is required.

Age restricted products are goods and services that must only be sold to individuals who meet the minimum legal age requirement.

Completion of this course will provide and insight into the type of products that are covered by age restrictions, the legal requirements placed on individuals selling age-restricted products and guidance on operating within the law when selling age-restricted products.

This course is compatible with mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Learner details

Guided Learning Hours

Approximately 30 minutes are required for this course.

Form of Assessment

A short multiple-choice test concludes each module. On successful completion of this course candidates will have instant access to the Highfield endorsed PDF certificate.


  • The legal framework
  • Roles, licences and conditions
  • Risks associated with age-restricted products
  • Age verifications
  • Conflict management and personal safety