REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene Refresher Course


The REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene Refresher Course is designed principally for those who already hold an Elementary Food Hygiene qualification that is 3 to 5 years old. The aim of this course is to refresh and test the knowledge of food hygiene at Elementary Level.

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Guided Learning Hours

A minimum of 31/2 guided learning hours are required for this course.

Form of Assessment

Candidates must complete the REHIS Refresher Course Workbook during the course.  Candidates must gain a minimum of 60% in order to receive a certificate.  Candidates who score 60% or below, will not be awarded a certificate and will be advised to do the full course again.


This course takes a workbook-led approach using a combination of training techniques.

There is no set syllabus, however the course will cover:

  • Bacteria and their Characteristics
  • The Incidence of Food Poisoning and its Prevention
  • Personal Hygiene and Working Habits of the Food Handler
  • The Working Environment
  • Cleaning Practices
  • Common Food Pests and their Control
  • Food Legislation